Our Story

Founded in 2019, Hi-Reklame embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between local advertising artisans and the digital world. In a landscape dominated by conventional advertising methods, our vision was to introduce the timeless art of neon signage to a broader, online audience. We started from humble beginnings—a small workshop in front of a modest room, with a single artisan's dream to make a mark in the digital age.

Growth and Evolution

Facebook : www.facebook.com/hireklamebali
Instagram : www.instagram.com/hi_reklame/
TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@hireklame
Linkedin : hwww.linkedin.com/company/
Year after year, Hi-Reklame has witnessed remarkable growth, a testament to the hard work, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence by our founder and team. Our expansion was fueled by support and educational programs from leading institutions such as Telkom Startup and Google for Small Business. These partnerships not only provided us with invaluable knowledge and resources but also empowered us to refine our craft and business strategies.

From our initial setup, we have evolved into two medium-sized workshops, becoming a home to more than 15 skilled advertising artisans. Our team's dedication and passion have propelled Hi-Reklame from obscurity to becoming the number one search result on Google for our niche—a recognition we cherish and strive to uphold every day.

Corporate Structure

Hi-Reklame operates under the corporate umbrella of PT Alpha Media Santoso Indonesia, a legally registered entity in Indonesia.


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